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Event Vehicles and Advertising...

We own the UK's largest fleet of vintage Piaggio Apes. Our vehicles, sometimes known as Tuk Tuks, are all restored to original working condition and are now available for you to hire either as a static display for an event/roadshow or to use as a mobile billboard. We offer them each as a blank canvas for you to use as you wish (within reason!)

Hire us for your next promotion or event if you want to turn heads, create brand awareness and add fun to your occasion.

Perfect for...

Experiential Marketing Campaigns
PR Stunts
Video Shoots
Sampling and Product Distribution
Mobile Advertising
Your Original Ideas!

About DuckDuck Event Vehicles...

We own and hire out Piaggio Ape and Piaggio Vespa vehicles for our clients to use as they wish.

We build rear display and advertising units ourselves (our own designs, our client's designs, often a mishmash of both!)

We print and manage all the graphics ourselves.

Our own staff manage logistics and deliveries.

Our vintage vehicles are all original models beautifully restored - we do not use modern Piaggio Apes or equivalents.