Our Fleet

Our vehicles are all are petrol driven yet very economical, our Ape 50 (Sophia) allows us to travel more than 300 Km with just a full tank (10 Litres) therefore offering very low emissions. 

We encourage our clients to turn our engines off when static and all lighting or sound systems used for the promotional work are powered by leisure batteries.

To lower our carbon footprint further we are currently looking into the possibility of converting some of our fleet to LPG and will keep all our clients posted as to how we progress in this investigative work.

Green advertising

Our standard billboards are made from white dibond (a composite plate of aluminium and plastic) and we print directly onto this substrate using UV based inks, no solvents are used in this process.

The Duratrans, for the back-lit option, are printed onto a polyester based material (no paper is used) using UV based inks, no solvents are used in this process.

Business practices

At DuckDucks we constantly do our very best to work in an environmentally responsible manner when it comes to our operations, products and services. In our business practices we use recycled materials where practical and recycle any of our business waste where possible.

We constantly encourage efficient use of energy and raw materials and continually look at ways of improving this, and we try to reduce our consumption as a business whenever possible.