Luigi is our glowing star who really stands out at night when all lit up. Luigi can be used on the road (top speed 40mph), in exhibition halls, shopping malls, public spaces, parked up outside stations etc. Luigi has a frame at the rear for two large back-lit advertising hoardings (one each side), a door for sample or product distribution. Remove the frame to reveal a good size pick up truck with an open back where custom-made props can be attached, additional artwork can be attached to the rear door or on the cabin doors or the entire vehicle can be wrapped in your company colours. Luigi only uses the highest quality back-lit colourtrans graphics on his advertising hoardings, view our Graphics section
for full details.

Luigi's Gallery
Luigi ’s Tech Spec (click below to enlarge)
Luigi's History

Yellow Piaggio Ape model TM 703 engine size 218cc made in 1992.

Made in Italy in 1992 where it was purchased by an elderly man of a village called Montoro Superiore Avellino, in southern Italy, to replace his older model. He used it to harvest olives on his 5 acres of land.

When he Died in 2001 the ape was left to rot away until it was found abandoned in a field by us at DUCK DUCK Billboards. We decided to buy it and restore it to use as a new addition to our fleet. The ape was taken to the local garage were it has been beautifully restored to its former glory. The work was carried out by La Nuova Carrozzeria Del Sud Italy by Fiorentino and Carmine, who between them have 60 years or experience in servicing and restoring these precious vehicles.