Nicolina has been our biggest restoration project to date, she was a proper old banger when we found her and she took a year longer than we expected to complete the restoration, the pictures in the gallery tell the story.

Every part is new and she is now in perfect condition. Still completely retro in design and absolutely gorgeous, she drives amazingly well and we painted her in white so she is truly a blank canvas on which our clients can work.

Nicolina can be used on the road (top speed 40mph), in exhibition halls, shopping malls, public spaces, parked up outside stations etc. Nicolina is extremely versatile and can be used in so many ways. The cab can be wrapped in your company colours and the rear clad or built to suit your needs.

Nicolina's Gallery
Nicolina’s Mobile Display Tech Spec (click below to enlarge)
Nicolina’s History

Brilliant white in colour Piaggio Ape model Mp 600 engine size187cc.

Made in Italy in 1969, this vehicle was used in the Ariano Irpino region and Francesco transported his home grown produce to market including tomatoes and lettuces.

In 2010 we found it in a right old state and it has taken us over 2 years to bring her back to this wonderful condition.